Living Waters Fellowship is privileged to have several ministries that are a blessing to us.  On the following pages you will meet some wonderful people who serve the Lord with all of their heart.

Matt and Judy Benjamin of Wycliffe Translators

Mike and LuAnn Petit are missionaries to the Philippines.  Mike is Pastor Johns' Brother.  They taught at Free Gospel Bible Institute
Bible School for many years before they answered the
call to go as Missionaries.  Currently Mike and LuAnn are in
States for a year.  However, they still see to many of the
needs of the work in the Philippines and have constant
contact with the ministries there. 



Micaiah Ministries

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Micaiah Ministries consists of the team ministry of Kent Wilson and Todd Murphy that has captured the attention of audiences around the world since 1981. They are ordained under the ministry of Pastor Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty of Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Please use the link below to visit their site for more info.

2007 Todd Murphy: "Faith Finds A Way"

2007 Kent Wilson: " A Crowd or a Movement"

Kent Wilson Left: How to Activate the Plan of God in your life


Todd Murphy Right: How to be led by the Holy Spirit  

Randy and Anitia Chabot-Stahls  Missionaries to Haiti
click the following Link to learn more about their ministry. 
We have been blessed by their meek spirit and powerful
testimony when they have come to visit.