Meet the Pastor's
Greetings from Pastors John & Ruth Petit!
Pastor John graduated from  the Free Gospel Bible Institute in 1979.  He began pastoring while in his second year in 1977, in Barnesboro Pa.  From there he took a few different assistant positions and also evangelized.  In  1986 Pastor John came to Watertown, NY and pioneered a church.  In 1987 Pastor John married Ruth Whitmarsh.  Pastor Ruth is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College.   They have been Pastoring together in the Church ever since.  In 1993 the church went through a reformation process  and relocated in the city a couple of times until acquiring our "New Home" on Purdy Ave.  God blessed us whith an old WWII Tank Factory,  what was once used for this worlds wars, is now used for spiritual warfare.  Previously space was often an issue, no place to grow, now we have plenty of space and are praying for the "Lord of the Harvest to send forth Laborers"  We are praying for people of vision who can see past the natural, and can believe God for the "Impossible" which really is possible.
Joshua Petit
 Joshua, is our assistant minister.  He has a spirit of wisdom and is an able teacher with a love for the church.  He has a willingness to take on big or small task.  Joshua has a desire for missions home and abroad and has traveled to Restoration House in Russia several times.  He has allowed those experiences to increase his desire for the youth of our nation as well.