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When I was Bible college I desired to learn to read the Bible everyday. It seemed that life crowded my desire out and I couldn't quite get the hang of it. One day as I was praying, God reminded me of a talk that a dental hygienist had with my fifth grade class. She had given us those neat little chewable tablets that showed if you were brushing your teeth enough. "Commit to brushing your teeth for three weeks," she instructed, "and after that you'll never want to leave the house without clean teeth." Three weeks can form a habit that will last a life time and reap great benefits. "Read a portion of the word for three weeks," I felt the Holy Spirit nudge, "and You'll not want to go a day without knowing my heart." It is not a race to see how much how fast you can read, rather it is the dedication to obey the Lord and put his Word into your heart that will pay great spiritual dividends.

Tips on getting started.

1. I bought a One Year Bible. They can be found at your Christian book store or sometimes at the supermarket with the Christian book selection. The Bible is set up so you can begin any day of the year. It has portions for each day of the year. There is an old testament portion, New Testament, Psalm and a Proverb everyday. It really kept me on tract. After a year you've read through the Bible. Some people choose to read the entire day's portion while others may just read the New Testament or Old Testament portion with the Psalm and proverb. In that case it would take two years to get through the Bible. The main thing is to read a little each day.

2. Get a version that you can understand. I grew up with the Old King James Version. I now read the New King James Version. Beginners often find the New English Version an easier read. Talk to your Pastor about what version he recommends.

3. Take the three week plunge---and you'll be hooked for a lifetime.

Sister Ruth

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